Pro wind comments

                                                                                                                                      London Climate demo Dec 2008
People from all over Wales the UK and the world are in support of Gwynt Y Mor and other wind farm applications!
Below are just some of the many positive messages we have received when we were engaging with members of the public in north Wales

SEA believes that if  the general public are given the opportunity to back wind power, and that they are provided with "accurate and factually correct" information they are overwhelming in support. This has been shown to be the case time and time again...

"More wind farms for a sustainable future" D. Morgan, Conwy

"We must protect our environment"  J. Parr, New Zealand

" May your sails be full of wind" T. Jones, Flints

"YES YES YES"   A. Davis Llandudno

"The more the merrier" D. Quigill, Llandudno

" Definitely yes" J. Hunt, Colwyn Bay.

" This has to be a better alternative to nuclear power" A. Ball, Stoke-on-Trent

" Yes, I would rather have a wind farm than a nuclear power station" M. Bremner, Llandudno

" Very good idea" K. Harris, Amlwch

" Go green" D. Darslow, Caernarfon

" I support this - wholeheartedly" D. Williams, Anglesey

"Time to start caring about our children's future" S. Dastagir, Croydon

" I'd rather have this than nuclear - I like wind farms" L. Roberts, Blaenau Ffestiniog

" I fully support this and other sustainable energy initiatives" A. Pearman, Bangor

" More sustainable Energy - nuclear isn't !" L. Kuemos, Anglesey

"Let's get on with it" S. Guthrie,  Llandudno

"I spend a lot of time in Europe and wind farms there are fantastic, why do we drag our feet so much in the UK ?" C.Rawley , North Wales

"They are so graceful and add to the countryside" L. McPhee, Brynseichyn

"Whilst the environment as it is witnessed through the eye is ultimately important for the wellbeing of the soul, our impending energy crisis and current level of energy we across the nation, requires that some level of sacrifice has to be made in some areas of our lives. Our future selves and in particular future generations stand to gain most from our finding and more sensible,  sustainable and renewable energy solutions such as wind and tidal . Our other options, nuclear and fossil fuels as they stand only look to jeopardise and burden those future generations, as we continually seek short term solutions to what are long term problems. The time is now to act sensibly and the burden should be all ours to bare. From today we can all play a part."  Cllr Roger Hughes
" Sustain not complain" M. Jeffrey, Llandudno

"Wind power blows away the opposition" P. Kench, Llandudno

"More, more, more" A. Hughes, Conwy

"I believe in wind farms" M. cart, Lutterworth

" I would rather look at windmills than concrete cooling towers" J. Griffiths, Staffs

" More than welcome" R. Scott, Abergele

" We need them for our children" K. Hall, Colwyn Bay

" Wind farms are an essential part of our energy future" M.Macbryde, St Asaph

"It's needed, plain and simple" M. Parks, Llandudno

" We need to think of our children's  future and the ecology of the country / world" H. Irons, Truro

" I believe this is essential for future energy and to reduce the effects of global warming"            
  C. Perera, Cornwall
" G8T idea" A. Ellis, Deganwy

" Anything to get rid of nuclear plants !" H. Ferguson, Conwy

" Get in the real world" B. Armstrong, Manchester

" Wind power - excellent !" J. Ridgeway, Colwyn Bay

" We must do something for the climate" J. A. Ridgeway, Colwyn Bay

"100 % common sense" H. Gambrill, Conwy

" Go green - nuclear free" P. Mclennan, Brisbane, Australia

" The more wind farms the  better" J. Landry, Deal

" We are hopeful that you will be successful" L. Landry, Deal

" Wind farms, yes please" L. Stone, Conwy

" ie I Gwynt-Y-Mor" R. Thomas, Llandudno

" This is not for our generation , but for those still to come"  S. Griffiths, Llandudno Junction

" Thoroughly approve " J. Summers, Conwy

" Go for it" P. Hubbard, Conwy

" Bring it on !" S. Jeffrey, Llandudno

" Non renewable energy is stupid - Be clever, use wind power !" J. Price, Prestatyn

" Brill idea !" L. Price, Denbighshire

"I would rather have a wind farm than nuclear" M. Brener, Llandudno

" Go for it" P. Colclough, Staffs

"I would be pleased to return to Llandudno if a wind farm were here" S. Levy, Illinois. USA

"Wind power sounds great to me" L. Hickish, Christchurch, New Zealand

" These are essential for the future energy needs of Britain" B. Betuna, North Wales

"As a nation, it is important that we work hard to reduce our carbon footprint, there are consequences for our actions" C Farrell, Conwy

" I am proud of the wind farm already constructed, I hope to see a great many more in the future"     
 A. Fletcher, Llandudno
"it's about time, should have been here years ago" B. Drenham, Llandudno

" Definitely" J. Davis, Conwy

" Go for it" L.Owens, Conwy

"We have to act now" A. Thomas, Conwy

"Stop the delay, get on with it" M. Brenham, Llandudno

" Yes to wind farms" R. Davis, Llandudno

" Get on with it" R. Reynolds, Conwy

"Sooner the better" C. Murphy, Llandudno.

" Wind farms are beautiful" L.Stansfield. Conwy

"As many as possible please" M.Coley. Staffs

"Lets have more, thank you" C. Dickinson. Staffs

"I think they look beautiful" S. Anton, Conwy

" Wind farms for Wales" L.Smith, Llandudno

"I'm all yes for wind power" R.Lane, Conwy

" Windy Nimby's suck !" J.Lloyd, North Wales

"Bring it on" M.Dickson, Runcorn

"All for it" H.Whittingham, Colwyn Bay

" Keep them going - build more, we have 1000's in Spain" D. Wadeson, Spain

"Works well in Spain - Go for it" J.Wadeson, Spain

" We must have wind farms" L. Davis, N.Wales

" Look to the future"  R.Shooter, Deganwy

"Yes please" S. Roberts, Llandudno

" More power to the wind farms" J. Taylor, Staffs

" Yes to Gwynt-Y-Mor" B. Taylor, Staffs

" Out to sea, what harm can they do? Lets have more of them. C.Lehart, Conwy

" Yes to wind farms" J. Bevan, Deganwy

" Yes Please" B. Pendleton, Cornwall

"Well proven in Cornwall"  R. Pendleton, Cornwall

" For my children's future - wind farms please" N. Turner, Colwyn bay

"4 the future" L. Roberts, Llandudno

" The only way to go" I. Peters, Conwy

" Make it happen !" K. Peters, Conwy

" Yes to wind, just get on with it !! D O'Brien Llandudno

" This is a must have " S.Dean, Warrington

"  I'm all for the wind farm - go for it !!!"   V Woods, Conwy

" I'm fully in favour of renewable energy sources" G. Dubourg, Rainworth.

" Please approve this, it is a wonderful idea !" Helen Linley, Farnsfield.

" A Good idea" J.Sein, Mapperley

" We have plenty of them near to where I live, great funds for the community, clean, safe and not noisy"   S. Smith, Blythe, Newcastle.

" I think wind farms are an important part of preserving our planet" Alex Saxon, Herts.

"It's a must ! Clean, efficient and beautiful." Mr Manvers, Mansfield

"The more renewables the better" D. Pode, Leics

"Clearly better than any fossil fuel based energy source" C. Jonsen, Mansfield

"It's better all round, the planets future is more important than financial gain !" G.Mussared, Mansfield

"No to nuclear" S. Kirk - Rainworth

"This is an amazing idea, it would be stupid not to go through with it" M.Ross - Newark

"For the future of my children - I support this way of moving forward" C.Hodge - Fernwood

"Wind farms are fantastic" G. Gibbons - Cambridgeshire

"I fully support wind farms" P.J. - Newark

"About time we had something like it" R.Lunn - Balderton

"It is clean, non invasive and should be encouraged" A.Hill - Allington

"A clean form of energy - Has to be the future" M.Downey - Newark

"Sustainable energy is our only hope"  S.Rich - East Bridgeford

"We need this !" R.Riley - East Bridgeford

"Fully support the project"  L. Daniel - Notts

"For the future" W.Watkins - Newark

"We need green energy" M. Mousley - Newark

"I think it is very good, anything to help" B.Flint - Newark

"Wind farms are very good for the environment and look beautiful too".                                                                   L. Saunders - Mansfield, Notts

"A must for the future, a clean and environmentally friendly option."                                                                 M.Blundell - Ravenshead, Notts

"My father lives in Delabole, Cornwall and has no issues with these. Save the planet."                                S.Hawkes, Newark

"Fully support this method of sustainable energy." S.Cooper - Newark, Notts

"Wind farms are the future."  S.McMillan - Moray, Scotland

"They are beautiful more needed ! "   A. Blackburn - Newark, Notts

"I think they are going to help our environment."  A. Townley - Newark Notts.

"I think wind farms are an excellent idea and they should be used."                                                                           H. Lawson - Newark
"Wind power gives us hope for the future - embrace it !" Abigail Pound - Manchester
"Mankind is facing a desperate situation of unprecedented severity. We need to act urgently and decisively, wind farms are an important part of this - from docklands to hill tops, they are a small price to pay for mitigating the damage we are causing for our children; never mind nine miles out at sea ! Steve Smith - Manchester
"I think they look great Nat Fuller - Manchester
"Embrace change - support wind power - it rocks! " S.Hughes -Conwy
"Wind farms are beautiful, when I see them I feel a surge of optimism about the future of life on earth" J.Barber -Conwy
"Go for it !"  D.Clarke - Llandudno

"I live half an mile of North Hoyle and enjoy the view." S. Pritchard - Prestatyn

"Wind power I think is a really sustainable form of energy and will benefit future generations, I am fully in support of this form of energy."                 C.Hunter - Runcorn

"The Government needs to take the initiative in environmentally friendly renewable sources for the sake of future generations."                                   Mrs Farooq - Coventry

"Wind power is the future, lets make it happen !" J.Dean - Macclesfield

"Wind power is an important viable alterative which we must be prepared to make use of."  G.Dean - Cheshire
"Help stop climate change, mor (sic) wind farms !"  R. King - London

"Wind farms rock !"  J.Hepworth - Staffs

"If the UK is going to take a lead in tackling climate change, we must start promoting renewables such as the Gwynt-Y-Mor wind farm."           R.Lancaster - Bristol

"I visit Wales regularly and do not think this development would deter tourists."   G.Williams - Leics
"The Government keeps stating that climate change is a major threat to the UK and globally. When will this Government start taking the positive, practical action to support what seems to be merely verbal posturing ?"J.Westwood - Mexborough

"Fuel sustainability and efficiency is our future, the only secure way forward."  SW 17 London

"No to nuclear." M.Hepworth - Staffs

"Give us renewable energy to 'conventional' anytime. The proposed offshore turbines actually improve the view."  A.Flegman - Llandudno

"Vind styrer for vildt." Astrid biering Fonsboc - Denmark

"Do it"  Vicot Rask - Denmark
"We must think of our future generations and this is the way to do it! " .Kimberley - Preston

"Wind farms are preferable to nuclear power." D. Bingham - Llandudno
"We must be forward looking, not stick our heads in the ground."                    D. Quigley - Llandudno

"The effects of climate change will alter the landscape far more seriously and irreversibly than attractive and forward looking wind farms."                    J. Samson, Leamington Spa
"Let us all breath fresh air, it is our right as human beings, a basic need for our health and well being." C. Cassidy, Coventry

"Wind power is beautiful." P. Gates, London

"Politicians can have a vision, make it a sustainable one please and then we can be proud to be human." K.P. , Coventry

"A must for the future." B. Woodhall, Felinhelli

"Wind farms are beautiful and moreover sustainable energy is imperative to world sustainability"  C. Taylor, Conwy
"We all love beautiful places. Wind farms can be removed again with no visible trace. Which would you prefer, a nuclear power station in a beautiful place or a quiet, beautiful, aerodynamic clean wind farm ? No more Sellafields !"  M. Littlestone. Manchester
"I live near wind farms in Yorkshire - clean air."  H. Kelly

"Wind is the future, sustainable and safe."  H. Turner, Ynys Mon/Anglesey

"More wind power please."  A. Thomas, Bangor

"Beautiful, quiet and efficient ......wind farms should be a serious consideration for the future."  N. Cox, Bangor

"Fully support wind farms. We live in the middle of a wind farm and think they are beautiful!!"  S.Musgrove, Rhosybol

"Yeah...wind farms...more please."  J.May, Bangor

"Wind farms are a good idea."  D. Parsons, Porthaethwy/Menai Bridge