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Coordinator -  Jonathan Lincoln

   SEA - Making waves since 2005.....
UK wind energy installed capacity  - August 27th 2014...
Onshore number of turbines 4,560 - Installed capacity 7,519 megawatts 
Offshore number of turbines 1,075 - installed capacity 3,653 megawatts
Wind power - total installed capacity 11,172 megawatts

***Breaking News***
Gwynt-Y-Mor: Final turbines installed at wind farm

***Recent news ***

New record high: 22% of UK electricity from wind...
New research shows politicians opposing wind farms a turn-off for voters...
UK wind gets less aid than Coal and Gas for regulating supply...
£310m invested in UK wind turbines..
New wind energy record shows renewables in the UK are vital...
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                    Welcome to the website for Sustainable Energy Alliance (SEA)
              SEA is a proactive, pro wind power / renewables/ climate campaign group that was founded in May 2005 by environmental activists based in north Wales. The group was set up primarily to support the Gwynt-Y-Mor offshore wind farm, to be sited 9 miles off the north Wales coast.. The campaign group was also active in supporting the 5 turbine Lindhurst wind farm south of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and a number of other projects..
              In addition to campaigning directly in support of these wind farm projects, SEA has also taken the pro wind message to the House of Commons, Cardiff, the annual climate demos in London and Bangor, the summits of the three highest peaks in the UK, Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike, where three teams of SEA activists unfurled banners at the same time, as part of UK media campaign in 2009, the activity coincided with the European wind week, organised a pro wind skill share at The Centre for Alternative Technology ( CAT),  took part in STOP the Heathrow day of action and a number of wind farm inaugurations.
            The Lindhurst wind farm was given consent by the Newark and  Sherwood planning Authority in September 2007 and the Gwynt-Y-Mor offshore wind farm was consented in Dec 2008 by the Department for Energy and Climate Change ( DECC) Lindhurst was constructed in the Summer of 2010 and fully operational in October. Offshore work for Gwynt-Y-Mor will commence in 2011.

            As part of the four year campaign in support of Gwynt-Y-Mor, SEA. with the help of FOE Cymru collected 5000 letters of support from local people and visitors to the area of north Wales, we lobbied politicians and media at a local and national level,  lobbied the Department for Energy and Climate Change, The Welsh Assembly Government, Conwy Council, Welsh MEP's, and took the campaign to Cardiff, The House of Commons and the summit of Snowdon. We also had a strong presence at planning and open meetings. SEA also made a formal complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority ( ASA) concerning a number of claims in material printed by Save Our Scenery, the group who campaigned against the wind farm. All six of the complaints were subsequently upheld by the Adjudicating Officer of the ASA. and the group were told not to use the materials again.

            As part of our campaign to support the Lindhurst wind farm, we collected 3000 support letters,lobbied local politicians and media, the local planning authority, planning officer, Mansfield District Council and attended the planning meeting itself.

          Further information about the groups campaigning and achievements will be added to the site in the very near future.....Please also see the news and archive news page
SEA is presently campaigning or has worked on the following projects

Gwynt-Y-Mor offshore wind farm - North Wales www.npower-renewables.com/gwyntymor

Planning status - Consented

Lindhurst wind farm - near Mansfield Notts www.npower-renewables.com/lindhurst

Planning status - Consented

Rhyl Flats offshore wind farm North Wales www.npower-renewables.com/rhylflats

Planning status -Consented